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Pawn Shop in Memphis, TN

Southern Pawn & Jewelry

Pawn Shop | Southern Pawn & Jewelry

Your Local Pawn Shop

Southern Pawn & Jewelry is setting the standard for collateral lending to new heights by offering uncommonly exceptional customer service, clean friendly store environments, with engaged team members and thousands of products in stock for to meet your needs no matter what they are as we take anything of value.

Come check out Southern Pawn & Jewelry and see why we are the talk of the town for all your shopping and loaning needs. We are not your typical pawn shop. We don't say no, we say YES!

Why loan from us?

Collateral-based loans are easier than going to the bank. Experience lesser consequences if you end up unable to pay your loan back with us. Don't waste time filling out lengthy applications and stressing out while they check your credit score. Come to Southern Pawn & Jewelry in Memphis, TN for your stress-free loan today.

Sell Your Gold

We offer friendly & professional service, guaranteed very best prices, very clean locations and a trade in program buy yours and sell you our gold jewelry if you just want something different.

"I have been a frequent pawn shop goer for the past 10 years. I used to deal with Cash America ans EZ Pawn because I didn't have much of an option. I always had to put up with their dirtiness, their terrible, TERRIBLE customer service, and the difficulty of shopping due to scatter of items thrown on the ground. But then one day i came across Southern Pawn and Jewelry. And let me tell you, hands down this is the best retail store I have ever step foot into, pawn shop or not. The employees in there are phenomenal. It didn't take them 5 seconds from me walking through the door for every employee to greet me and make me feel wanted in there. The store is the nicest, most user friendly store I've ever shopped through. they are always in the mood to make a deal. everything about this place is fabulous. i highly recommend that if you are a frequent pawn shop goer, no matter how far you live, you choose this place to stop into first. you will not be disappointed"
- Allen Canbarry
"Good reviews, good clean store. Good customer service."
- heather milloway
"Great place to shop Chris customer service was awesome "
- Romurio Boyce
"I found this place on Google and saw it had great reviews. Went in and was not disappointed! I was greeted as soon as I walked through the door. I was pawning some stuff and the guy was extremely nice and gave me some money for my things. Will definitely return to pawn or to buy."
- kaylenn montgomery
"Went to sell a ring that was no longer needed. No haggling, no stress. Awesome staff."
- Michael Asa
"Nice caring Friendly associates"
- Ledger Martin
"Great pawn shop"
- Emily Andrews

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Pawn Shop in Memphis
Southern Pawn & Jewelry
4651 Knight Arnold Rd
Memphis, Tennessee 38118